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The Greater Arkansas River Nature Association (GARNA) is an environmental nonprofit organization founded in 1996 as a cooperative association for the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area for education and stewardship. GARNA works with communities of the upper Arkansas River valley to foster the stewardship of the region’s natural environment and the resilience of our communities.

Consider becoming a Member of GARNA! For as low as $35 annually, your membership gives you access to member-only events and clubs (hiking club, first chance for registration for programming, etc) and 20% off in our bookstore outlets, and shows your commitment to GARNA's long term work. Sign up for membership here.

GARNA’s coverage area is in the heart of the Rocky Mountains of south-central Colorado, spanning the 143-mile section of the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area State Park, jointly managed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the Bureau of Land Management. This spectacular region includes the upper Arkansas River watershed and some of the highest peaks and most scenic lands in the United States. GARNA’s work helps safeguard these public lands through the preservation of values and the development of public participation opportunities that help community members understand, appreciate and give back to their natural environment.

GANRA subscribes to a generational approach — that investments in learning and opportunities for public participation build on themselves and help ensure the long-term health of our public lands and waters.